We are collectors and farmers, we move with the seasons to return to the essentials, and with us, our letter in these autumn days.

Each day is unique, each dish too

Rye, Brulée, Apiary Viejo
Leeks, La Moderna, Navas del Marqués
Seeds, Obrador Abantos, San Lorenzo del Escorial

Goat, La Cabezuela, Fresnedillas de la Oliva

Crayfish fritter
Pickled tongue and oregano
Snail, basil and vermouth salad

Marinated trout, tomato broth, pickled zucchini and lemon verbena
Oyster from Mount Abantos
Nícalo, seaweed and sage and pumpkin butter
Perfect yolk with mushroom demi-glace and smoked trout roe
Peguerinos beans, green cod sauce, chard and pepper
hare with garlic
pigeon croissant
Deer shank stewed in Garnacha, its loin and shallots
more calluses

Caramelized smoked pear with Jaramera cheese ice cream and candied blue pie
rye bread and beer
Beet ice cream and autumn fruits
Boletus French toast

We offer two proposals

Long menu

€100 + €50 with wine pairing

XL Menu

€115 + €57 with wine pairing